If you want your website to pull visitors like a giant vacuum on steroids, if you want customers being magically attracted by a magnetic Order Now page, if you want big business opportunities at your doorstep . . .

. . . You need a professional SEO copywriter. SEO copywriting services can take your business to the next level, really.

Understanding SEO copywriting . . .
Search Engine Optimization copywriting is a fabulous tool to drive both business and traffic.
SEO copywriting is all about the unbelievable power of attractive, original and optimized words. The power of words tells on both search engines and the Internet users. Search engines hunt using keywords that professional SEO copywriters pepper over the web content during the process of SEO copywriting. These results in high rankings of web pages in search engines, leading to free, high-quality traffic directed to your website which in turn, helps increase sales.

SEO copywriting at Content Mantra
At Content Mantra, we create content which contents our clients as they see their objectives giving the desired results. We, at Content Mantra, believe that SEO copywriting is just a means to communicate better through judicious use of keywords/key phrases.

Anyone with a little imagination and sound knowledge of the language can be an SEO copywriter but we at Content Mantra believe in understanding the type of product before proceeding with the process of SEO copywriting, recognizing what exactly you want from us and then decide as to how best we can provide you with a novel and result-oriented content to make your sales shoot up.

Keeping aside the technical know-how (you don’t need to worry about it anyways); we still believe that SEO copywriting is more of an art than science. At the end of the day, a website is faceless and soundless sans content. We become the voice to COMMUNICATE your ideas to your perspective customers. We do much more than squeezing in keywords; we put an effort to incorporate keywords/key phrases that would blend with the flow of content. Also, we create site-maps for websites which are SEO friendly and work wonders for web promotion.

Nuances of SEO copywriting
We are copywriters who do SEO copywriting to make you the CEO of fate.

  • We don’t write; we talk: use of conversational, persuasive and mouth-watering content in SEO copywriting ensures a rise in sales. Our work speaks for itself.
  • Your way: We don’t do a project like robots programmed for a task. Suggestions are welcome. Your satisfaction is our reward.
  • Sitemap: An SEO friendly and user-friendly site map helps in getting high rankings, better results and also website navigation.
  • The 3 C’s: CUSTOMER, CONTENT, CLARITY are the 3Cs we believe in. We Conceptualize, Create and Concretize.

To enhance the ranking of your website through ethical and effective SEO copywriting, contact us now.