A good press release can make the brand, while a bad press release can break it completely, and this is regardless of how good the quality is. Press release writing services in India know that it takes time and thorough understanding of a brand in order to write a good press release. Writing a sentence or two which conveys the larger message while being attention grabbing is quite a challenge, especially in today’s marketing world which is controlled by digital and social media. But press release writing services in India know that it takes much more than just the basics to make a good and effective press release. Some of the pointers that these press release writing services in India follow are :

Visual Appeal and bold statements: Writing in a font which is attention seeking, out there and can stick in ones memory is what makes a good press release. Clarity is key here Highlight the most important and quirky words from the press release: Nothing should be hidden or humble when it comes to making a good press release statement. Capitalize, bold, or italicize the words which are crucial in building up the message in your statement.

The first sentence should state the facts: This needs to be done in a loud and clear manner. Make sure you mention important dates, places, and the event which took place so that it grabs the readers attention Conquer and communicate the 5 Ws and the one H: That is,

A. Who is this story or fact about?

B. What is the news or statement?

C.When did or when does this happen?

D. Where did it take place?

E. Why is this important?

F.How is this important to me, and how is this taking place?

To the point: Keep it simple, keep it neat, and that would ensure that you deliver a good press release. Clutter would only lead to a disastrous piece of information.

Press release writing services in India understand that time is crucial, and that not everyone has the time to stop and investigate when they read something they like. The headline, or the press release grabs the attention and can attract a reader.

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