So why does your company need a press release? Well for starters, a press release written effectively gets free media attention!

It is the best way to spread news about your company, products and services. So what leads to a successful press release copywriting?

Press release copywriting is all about the News
The power to make news out of anything is the secret to press release copywriting. The media is on a constant lookout for a fresh story, news that is interesting to its readers.

An effective press release is written with this aspect in mind. It involves taking a situation or information and exploring it, looking at it from different angles and voila! You have a story.

For example: Power cuts being a major issue in India, that’s information. Major boom witnessed in the generator, inverter and battery market due to power cuts, that’s a story.

Press release copywriting adheres to Format

Press release copywriting is always done in third person. An effective press release must have a headline. The Headline must be eye catching and evoke interest. It can be followed by a sub title, which is a description of the story and gives the crux of the matter.

The end of the copy must have the contact details of the company representative for media.

Essentials to press release copywriting

At Content Mantra, we concentrate on the following aspects whilst creating press release for your company:

  • The press release copywriting is written from a journalist perspective and not the company perspective. It must be objective in nature.
  • Keep away from hype-bloated phrases like “breakthrough”, “unique”, “state-of-the-art”, and Industry jargon.
  • Short is good; the effort is to keep it less than two pages in length; in most cases it is done in a single page.
  • We back up your story with facts and figures as it adds to the credibility of the story
  • Most importantly while press release copywriting, we include company details because in the end this is a marketing tool.
  • Get more visibly and better marketing with the help of professional copywriting for your press release at Content Mantra.

In case you need to know more on press release copywriting, or get a quotation for your requirement, please feel free to contact us.