The newsletter is a key communication tool that is cost effective and highly efficient.

It is a PR instrument that helps in raising your company profile and keeps your target audience; customers, vendors and shareholders updated with the company activities.

It is also helpful in attracting potential new customers!

  • Newsletter copywriting must establish credibility

Newsletters are viewed as ‘news’ instead of an advertisement. Thus the content must be credible and convey quality. The newsletter copywriting must establish you as an expert.

The content has to have useful information as well as marketing messages. The newsletter copywriting should be informative, entertaining and contain advertising. As long as the advertising doesn’t exceed 40 percent, the newsletter will be considered ‘News’.

  • Newsletter copywriting must be short and sweet

The content of the newsletter must not be overwhelming. A very lengthy newsletter only baffles the reader and makes him lose interest. It should focus on the information.

  • Newsletter must be response driven

Newsletters are welcomed as long as they offer something of value to the reader.

The key to newsletter copywriting is to create valuable content that people will look forward to reading. Newsletter copywriting must be response driven; it must encourage participation from the audience. It can try options like feedback form, contest, lucky draw, discounts, concessions etc. This helps to filter in those genuinely interested in the company.

  • Newsletter ascertains brand loyalty

Newsletters are not a onetime affair; they are disbursed at regular intervals like monthly, bi monthly quarterly and yearly. Its regular nature builds brand loyalty; it also a relationship building tool and is one of the key elements in retaining customers over the long-term. So newsletter copywriting at Content Mantra is done with this objective in mind. Thus an informative content and attractive presentation will go a long way.

At Content Mantra, our expertise in newsletter copywriting can facilitate communication between you and your target audience and be of immense support to your company’s Marketing.

To know more on newsletter copywriting, or get a quotation for your requirement, please feel free to contact us.