Why do you need copy editing?

For clean, neat and grammatically manuscripts which are devoid of typos or syntax errors, you need professional copy editing services.

If spellings and grammar is not your strong points, if the great length of a manuscript intimidates you, if you do not have time to check for yourself but still want a corrected manuscript as you are aware that your first impression would be the last impression, copy editing services and a professional copy editor should be topping your priority list.

What does a copy editor do?

Copy editing services give new life to your copy as all sorts of errors are removed and the copy is made more presentable. Established writers rely on copy editors to help them revise their copies.

Copy editing services revolve around five C’s. A professional copy editor makes your ‘copy’ clear, correct, comprehensible, concise and consistent, thereby increasing its chances of being acceptable or published.

Basically, genuine copy editing services would ensure a manuscript which has no errors of spelling, terminology, punctuation, grammatical and semantic.

What makes a copy editor different from a proof-reader is the fact that a copy editor is given the liberty to ‘abridge’ text if needed. “Shortening”, “trimming”, “linking the text after deletions” are jobs which are a part of copy editing services.

Copy writing services include that the writer/customer is guaranteed that the text is in a flow, sensible, accurate and fair which will not give any sort of legal problems to the editor.

Copy Editing at Content Mantra

Copy editing is not new to us. Content Mantra is all about quality content and our experienced copy editors make sure that your copy gets up and speaks for itself.

We work according to you: Your satisfaction is our success. We work as per your specific requirements. We do copy editing after we understand your message. Your inputs and our experience help produce the irresistible copy you want. We are professionals in copy editing. We don’t make excuses, we don’t look for short-cuts – we just do our work sincerely.

We are experienced: Our copy editors have a wealth of experience of serving the media. When we do copy editing for you, we make sure that you have the right words. Communication and Creativity is our forte. We ensure that your idea is conveyed to your target audience.

We deliver on time: Our customers swear by our on-time delivery. We do copy-editing within the set deadlines and deliver on time always.

If you want to know more about our copy editing services or want help or suggestions contact us.