If you are looking to enhance your sales effort then floating brochures in the market is a reasonably good solution. A brochure is a cost effective and efficient medium which focuses on the company deliverables, and seeks to educate and inform the customer, besides subtly selling your product/service. The biggest USP of a brochure is that it is a one-to-one communication vehicle that is focussed and personalized.

An effective brochure copywriting will captivate the reader and encourage him to examine your product. A brochure seeks to establish contact with customers and catch the attention of potential customers.

Let’s take a look at important aspects to proficient brochure copywriting:

  • Focus
    The brochure must focus on the target audience. Brochure copywriting must be done with the reader in mind. If it does not appeal to the reader then the entire purpose is lost. The content addresses their requirements, problems and solutions.
  • Content
    Many times company brochure copywriting devotes pages and pages on features of product/service instead of its benefits. A big mistake because a ?feature’ is what a product has and ?benefit’ is what a product does. The more benefits mentioned in the brochure, the more attractive it becomes.
  • Tone
    Though brochures are mostly professional in nature, the tone in brochure copywriting has to be casual and friendly. Avoid using a formal tone, industrial jargon and too much detailing as most readers will just find it plain boring. So an efficient brochure copywriting must read like an engaging conversation.
  • Sales Pitch
    Company brochure is a worthy marketing tool and must be treated same. Brochure copywriting must present the information both clearly and convincingly in a strategically sound and persuasive structure. It should reinforce and connect with the sales process itself.
  • Credibility
    Brochure copywriting must seek to establish credibility. Having contribution from top management and Industry sources adds to the credibility factor.

Company brochure copywriting needs skill and expertise; it is a competent marketing tool that complements sales efforts. The team of adept writers at Content Mantra can help you develop high-quality company brochure and boost your business growth.

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