What does an ad do at the end of the day, actually? It sells your product or service, excites the prospective customer, and helps increase your sales. Some of the greatest companies in the world have been revived and transformed due to hard-hitting and revolutionary ad campaigns. Ad gurus have become legends and won Cannes Lions.

So where does ad copywriting stand amidst all this? An ad has two major elements: visual and copy. A visual is corresponding to the copy and both play a pivotal role. Ad copy is important because it puts ideas into words. A catchy caption, an innovative metaphor or a thought-evoking one-liner is what excites the reader and makes the brand popular, or generate cult following.

What does Content Mantra do?
Conceptualization – Copywriting – Creation – that is what we all do, right from visualizing to storyboarding to copywriting to creating an ad. We do it for the print media and web.

What do we take care of while ad copywriting?
Goal: What is the goal of the advertiser? What does he want to convey? We consider and understand the objective before letting the stream of creativity flow.

Heading: A crisp heading that speaks volumes about the product/service. We don’t make it attractive – effort is to create a mind-blowing, refreshing heading.

We write your language: No formal English, nor rules, no principles – that’s how a common man thinks and that’s what he wants to read. Don’t give him another newspaper-like bunch of words to read. Our copywriters already know that.

We hate clichés: No clichés for our audience – they have already had enough of it.

Crisp, short, snappy: We make less words say more – that’s our mantra to ad copywriting. No stretching.

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