• Web Content Writing
    Web content writing is a phenomenon that lets you speak, convey the message and articulates your thoughts to the customers…well at the end of the day it also sells your services/products to the customers. Besides, web content writing services at Content Mantra ensure that you do not miss our on basic things like having website content without any basic language errors, succinct in nature and in sync with the target customer . . . read more
  • SEO Content Writing
    With advertising and marketing focusing more and more on the digital aspect, SEO content writing services have reached great heights, and have given the entire world of advertising a new meaning in the last decade…read more
  • Copy Editing services
    For clean, neat and grammatically correct manuscripts which are devoid of typos or syntax errors, you need professional copy editing services . . . read more
  • Press Release Writing
    So why does your company need a press release? Well for starters, a press release written effectively gets free media attention!. . . read more
  • Ad Copywriting
    What does an ad do at the end of the day, actually? It sells your product or service, excites the prospective customer, and helps increase your sales. Some of the greatest companies in the world have been revived and transformed due to hard-hitting and revolutionary ad campaigns. Ad gurus have become legends and won Cannes Lions . . . read more
  • eBook Development
    eBook writing is a dexterously crafted work of art that adopts matchless ways to capture whatever milliseconds of the viewer’s retina it can. eBook writing melts away geographical barriers and builds bridges to reach a global audience. eBook writing services at Content Mantra offers you turbo-charged content designed to create ripples in the target audience. Content Mantra is the byword for clarity – in content and purpose . . . read more
  • Travel Writing
    Travel Writing is a craft that brilliantly weaves personal experiences with practical essentials. It vividly brings to life the exciting world of travel through powerful and moving features. Travel writing services at Content Mantra presents you with a fresh and crisp copy layered . . . read more
  • Resume Writing
    Impressive resume writing/editing can help get you a wonderful job. Highlighting your experiences, qualifications, accomplishments and educational, personal background and USPs – a resume speaks for you to tell the informer how qualified are YOU for the position you are seeking . . . read more