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Website content writing is a phenomenon that lets you speak, convey the message and articulate your thoughts to the customers . . . well at the end of the day it also sells your services/products to the customers. Besides, web content writing services at Content Mantra ensure that you do not miss our basic things like having website content without any basic language errors, succinct in nature and in sync with the target customer.

Expert Web Content Writing Services

What kind of web content writing service does your business need?

If your business needs a punch, we will have Muhammad Ali for you; if your business needs to be soft, we will get a Cinderella for you. Yes, website content writing is wholly customized depending on what your business type is and what your target segment is like. A CEO of a Fortune 500 company may just like to have graphs and no words - that is what we do - do web content writing that your end customer wants.

Needless to say, our website content writing service is unique or original. Having catered to some of the largest corporate clients, we are embarrassed to say that time and again. It is something that is ingrained in the Content Mantra culture.

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Corporate Website Content Writing

Over the last decade, there has been an exponential growth in availability and popularity of internet which has made it an excellent platform for businesses of all kinds. In the current market scenario having an online presence becomes imperative for running a successful venture. Everything from broadening the coverage to promotion, no medium compares to the scope that internet provides. Online trade and marketing has followed a similar trend and has become quintessential for any growth of business. This is where online corporate website content writing services comes in.

 With the ease of access and world wide popularity, internet is rapidly becoming an undisputed market hub. This makes online presence of quiet an integral value for any brand or business. Having quality content is essential for showcasing brands identity in the right light and also for enhancing brands growth. As a result many corporate content writing service providers have come up which make available quality content for online websites, best suited to company's needs. An effective content can do wonders for any kind of brand or business whether its enhancing the quality of the website, increasing brands prevalence in the market or giving the necessary boost in the highly competitive market. S.E.O. writing, Copy & Content Writing are some of the types of corporate writing services available making content writing a multi-faceted tool.

Seemingly undemanding field of content writing has become a profoundly significant field due to which many content writing services providers have emerged up in India. Their expertise lies in the quality output that communicates, interacts, informs the targeted audience which in turn aids in brands reach and growth in the market. Such service providers have the backing of their research team as well as their technical team which deals with the technical and analytical aspects of online content in order to ensure effective results. This growing trend of content writing services in India has opened new doors of advertising & marketing and which is here to stay.

Professional Website Content Writing Services in India

Some of the leading corporate and brands across India heavily rely on how professional website content writing services deliver their brand message across to the consumers or their targeted audience. Gathering facts and presenting them is just a very basic step when it comes to content writing. The more professional website content writing services in India go beyond what the brand is trying to say and come up with unique ways through which they present a more convincing message based on the authenticity of the product or brand.

Whether its apparels, luxury products, manufacturers, travel, food, commerce, or real estate companies, professional web content writing services in India deliver quality content with a twist of creativity which attracts readers across the country and beyond. Several countries like U.S, U.K, Australia, and Europe have started outsourcing their content to the professional agencies in India since the Indian market has a solid reputation for delivering authentic and unique content and web designs.

The professional website content writing services in India host a large number of experienced content writers in the industry who have the expertise and an in depth understanding of the market and the brand requirements.

Such companies deliver SEO friendly content which highlights appropriate keywords, phrases, and points without sounding inauthentic or wordy. Content is more streamlined, is persuasive in a subtle way, and relates to the readers on a more one on one level.

The professional website content writing services in India always deliver content that is well researched and well drafted. The writers take extra measures to ensure that there aren't any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or syntax flaws when it comes to content.

Such professional website content writing services go beyond the content, and delve into content strategy as well. They do not just supply you with a one off website content material, but rather come up with ways in which the content can keep evolving so that the brand or product maintains a high SEO rank and sustains its position for a longer time in the market.

How Much Does Professional Website Content Writing Cost
Finding proficient web content writing company or writers who are well versed in matter of crafting quality content is not exactly a simple task. There is horde of web content companies, freelance writers, online writing teams etc. that claim to offer quality content which would be valued high by users and search engines alike, and each have their own asking price. But how much does such a content writing service actually cost? The answer to this question entails several factors which have been discussed below. 

Hire Content Production Companies
There has been an exponential growth in the number of online content production companies in consequence of high demand and prevalence of web content in the online market. A professional company which has experience and expertise provides a host of services that also encompasses the technical aspects of online writing. They are conversant with the complete scope of web content writing and can deliver quality solutions for all your business needs.  There are several benefits of hiring a professional content writing company but they also have a high cost. A well reputed web content company can charge anything from Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 7,500 per 500-word article. You can also get cheaper services from an upcoming web content company.

Freelance Writers and Writing Groups 
You can find several other sources which offer web content writing services. But when opting for a freelance writer, be sure to do a little research in order to assess the writers intellectual capacity, work ethic, writing depth, need for editing, and payment requirements. You can find decent individual writers for anything between Rs. 750 to Rs. 1,500 per 500 word article whereas a team of writers would cost you around Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,500 per 500 word articles. 

SEO Companies 
An SEO content company provides content with the necessary SEO design and consulting services to enhance the business visibility and reach in the online market. For their services, top SEO companies have a higher asking price which ranges between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 with the average 500-word web page. 

Website Content Writing Strategy

Website content writing is an extremely popular profession, and the foundation for advertising and marketing that is done on a wide scale basis. You would not come across a single brand which does not have its niche online. Every company and brand promote their products, ideas, and generate sales and consumer interaction through accurate, creative, and well written web content. Website content writing however is not as ordinary or direct, and on the contrary requires extensive research, analysis and strategies in order to make it work in the right direction.

  • Understand the audience: Without understanding the requirements, one cannot delve into content writing and produce information which is worth reading. It is important to understand your target audience before drafting any written web content. Moreover, understanding your readers would also help you create content which is of substance and profitable value.

  • Analyse the understanding level of your readers:  Content flows in a more effective way if you can gauge into the minds of your readers and know where they are coming from. Blindly writing website content would only prove to be ineffective and inauthentic. This is perhaps one of the most important strategies in the realm of website content writing strategies.

  • Determine the 5 Ws and one H of content writing: It is important to know the why, what, who, where, how and when in website content writing. This answers all the questions accurately and also gives you a clear picture of where to take your content.

  • The voice and the tone of the content matters: No one wants to read mundane and drab content, especially on the web. People get drawn in with creative, out of the box and fun content that appeals to them in every way possible. The aesthetics also play a major role in creating popular content since visual appeal is one of the major USPs for all brands and companies.

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