With advertising and marketing focusing more and more on the digital aspect, SEO content writing services have reached great heights, and have given the entire world of advertising a new meaning in the last decade or so. Relevant content for websites and for brands who wish to advertise their goods and services often require the help of SEO content writing services, which are growing in number day by day.

Whether its a start up company or an established corporate, SEO content writing services help in evolving and constantly updating the consumers with what it current and what is pertinent. There are several SEO content writing services and companies across the world which deliver excellent content and help promote sales in all kinds of businesses, but how does one define the best from the rest?

The key factors which make one content writing company better than the other in terms of SEO are:

  • A good SEO content writing company would analyse and do an in-depth research of the brand or product before creating the content.
  • Keyword distribution and incorporating it seamlessly in the rest of the content is one crucial factor. Without this, SEO is not as effective in generating online traffic.
  • Creating engaging content which entices the reader to go through the information and then to subtly create a customer out of the reader.

Visual appeal and easy readability also helps attract readers. 25% of the time readers or potential customers skip through the information and scan the content, while picking and choosing whatever is appropriate for them. Therefore, a good SEO content writing service would ensure that the information is correct, while highlighting key phrases or points to keep and retain their target audience.

Social media plays an extremely pivotal role in shaping the consumers thoughts and views regarding any product, brand or thought process. And this is where SEO content writing services and companies come into play and take advertising from the normal printed content to a more systematic and organized digital platform.

SEO content writer knows his job:

There are several SEO content writers but the most effective content writers know their job well:

Keywords hold the key:

  • What? A professional SEO content writer should know what keywords to target. SEO is more result-yielding if lesser competitive keywords are chosen initially and then you move on to more competitive key phrases.
  • Where? An experienced SEO content writer must be careful that the sprinkling of keywords does not make the content seem unnatural or boring. He knows where to incorporate the keywords/key phrases in the content.
  • How? It is imperative for a SEO content writer to know that primary and secondary keywords must constitute about 3-4% of the total content lest the website can be rejected by search engines and considered as SPAM.

A wonderful copy:

  • Attractive: The copy written by an SEO content writer must attract visitors and appeal to them so that they can be converted into customers. Getting high ranks is important but search engines don’t buy. The people do and they ought to be impressed.
  • Informative: Relevant, readable and useful information helps attract more visitors who are potential customers. This is what an SEO content writer aims for.
  • Result-oriented: The copy should be strictly created to increase sales. It must persuade readers to buy the product/service.

The Balancing Act:

  • Dual audience: An SEO content writer’s aim is to impress visitors and please search engines. BOTH audiences should receive his work well for it to be a success.
  • Site Map: Site maps are created by SEO content writers to make the website navigation more user-friendly. Professional SEO content writers make them SEO-friendly so that they can attract search engines ‘spiders’ as well.
  • Content: The traffic directed by search engines must not go waste. Original, optimized and result-oriented content must help convert visitors into customers. This can be done by enticing unique and persuading content written by a professional SEO content writer.

Building an Understanding:

  • Listen: An SEO content writer must listen to good suggestions and feedback of his customers. Customer-satisfaction is of prime importance.
  • Market Message: A professional SEO content writer needs to understand the product/service and write accordingly. Moreover, SEO content writer should also be aware of the target audience.
  • Experience: When choosing an SEO content writer, one must ensure he has prior experience of working. With experience comes maturity, hence better results.

A Thorough Professional:

There are some points which must be considered while choosing SEO Content Writer:

  • No Big Promises: You must not be swayed by the big promises made by an SEO content writer. A professional SEO content writer lets his work do the talking. There are many who can talk the talk but the best must walk the talk too.
  • Professionalism: Following signing of a contract, a quote and timeframe to complete the given work must be specifically decided. Continual change of quote or not being able to adhere to the deadlines shows unprofessional behavior on the part of an SEO content writer.
  • Work: A professional SEO Content writer is always proud of his work. Ask for testimonials or CV to confirm the quality of an SEO content writer. Call an ex-customer and listen about the SEO content writer straight from the horse’s mouth.

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