Why We Must Stop Global Warming?

I was reading this week’s India Today and they had a very interesting and important cover story – Ways to stop Global Warming. The magazine summarizes the recently concluded Global Warming Summit headed by Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh and his committee have pledged that they will not exceed the carbon emission limit, and will certainly not go beyond the developed countries’ level of carbon emission.

There are a few ways where we as environmental-conscious citizens can also help stop global warming. Here are a few of them:

Switch to Electric Cars – This is not for the Ferrari fans. Switching to an electric car is not easy but very pocket and eco-friendly. You can charge the car and it will run 100-150 kms at a speed of 40-60 kms/hour. Not a bad option considering Delhi’s traffic barely allows you to speed!

Walk More – How many times do we pick up our car even when we have to go to a grocery store? Well, we can walk a km or two – it can help us lose that shabby flab around our waist too!

Switch off your PCs – All of us, including me, have this habit of leaving our laptops/desktops switched on even when we are not working. This just adds to carbon emission. We can do a favor to Mother Earth by switching off laptops when not in use.

Plant a Tree – We have been hearing this ever since our childhood. Plant a small tree near your home and make this world a greener place to live in. Easy to do and does not take much time!

Use CFLs – Tube lights are passé in any case. Use compact fluroscent lamps. They consume one-third the energy of a normal bulb. Save electricity and environment.

Tele-commute - This modern-day word is the buzz word in the corporate world. Instead of spending on fuel, talk on phone with your business partners/vendors/customers. Save time and fuel both. For senior executives – use video conferencing instead of flying abroad!

Say NO to Plastic Bags – Please (this comes from my heart) don’t be ashamed to say no to the man across the cash counter at Shopper’s Stop if he gives you a plastic bag. These bags are non-biodegradable and one of nicest ways to ruin our planet. If we can’t help the environment, then at least not spoil it. You may feel awkward not using a plastic bag initially, but it is only a matter of habit. It is do-able!

Use Public Transport – I know given the state of our public transport, my well-bred friends may not be able to use it. But, all of us can use the Metro, which runs on electricity, during the non-peak hours. It is comfortable, air-conditioned, cheaper and does not emit carbon like your car.

It is time we take responsibility. The sad part is that government initiatives cannot help reducing carbon emissions unless we put our hand up and save the only planet where we can live.

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