Doing Artistic Yoga at Bharat Thakur’s

We live in an age where Yoga gurus have trademarked their ‘type’ of yoga. Bikram Yoga, of course, is the prime example and then comes our very own Bharat Thakur who now has multiple yoga centres in every major city across the country. I was more intrigued with Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga after reading positive reviews on the internet. So, I enrolled for the trial class – which was in the basement studio in Punjabi Bagh. The only queer thing was that I was the only man in a class of about six women (who came with the single-minded objective of losing weight). The class, so to say, was exhausting with a mix of sun salutations, customary stretching, basic asanas and pranayama. Convinced, I enrolled, not with the prime objective of losing weight but awakening my spiritual energies. Now, its been 4 weeks since I have become a regular at Bharat Thakur’s, and I have a few observations.

- I don’t know what Artistic Yoga really means but we do normal yoga. It is a mix as I earlier mentioned.

- All the asanas are closely inspected by the instructors. It helps if the batch size is small like mine where we are not more than 5 of us at one time.

- The yoga sessions are particularly strenuous to begin with. For the uninitiated, expect pains and aches in your limbs after the first few classes. My tip would be to take it slow and pause as soon as you feel you are stretching too much.

- The most wonderful aspect comes after the class is over. One feels more rejuvenated and relaxed.

- Most asanas and sun salutations, once perfected in the class, can also be done at home. In fact, they should be done by those who do not attend classes everyday.

- Another takeaway from the class is the flexibility that you lend to your body.

- You benefit the most from yoga classes if you practice yoga with honesty and full focus. Breathing properly also matters.

If asked, I would definitely suggest everyone to take up yoga in one form or another. With Bharat Thakur classes, I am sure you can inculcate discipline and learn the yoga postures that you have always seen on TV. Three classes in a week are enough for the starters. One tip is the always have a trial class to gauge your comfort with the instructor and studio.

This has been added recently: Since I have found users stumbling upon this page searching for ‘Bharat Thakur Reviews’, I have something to say that might help them. I did Bharat Thakur Artistic  Yoga for about 3 months, and left it largely due to the fact that in my studio the hygiene of mats was a concern and 3 teachers were changed in as many months. Another reason was that I wanted to have a personal yoga instructor (who has been giving me lessons at home for 6 months now),  who came at almost the same fee. Having said that, Bharat Thakur Yoga is not bad, if your studio is hygienic and your instructor is satisfactory (get a trial class to gauge that). For me, having a personal yoga instructor at home has been more fruitful, though results at Bharat Thakur Yoga inspired me to champion yoga practice further, which I may say at this point in time, is something that I have befriended forever.

In case you have any questions, you can comment below, and I will shoot a reply at the earliest possible.


  1. ankush

    Cheers Harsh, good going. How much they charge?

  2. Hi Ankush they charge abt Rs 3000/ month for three classes a week.

  3. I am relocating to mysore in may. will i be able to learn artistic yoga in a span of two months. is it advisable for me to join now?

  4. poonam

    hi Harsh, nearest centre to my house is punjabi bagh so li’l skeptical after your feedback moreover the timings 7:30 is also late, do you mind to share the personal coach details (same as at your class??)

  5. @Samiksh I dont think two months will give you much results. But you can definitely join to gauge if Yoga is your cup of tea. If you enjoy doing yoga then yes, you can continue to do it in Mysore, which has many revered Yoga centers!

    @Poonam I would not remember the instructor’s name as it has been some time since I left. Moreover, I did only my trial class in Punjabi Bagh. The studio is small and in basement which does not give totally a good feel. My personal advice would be to find an instructor for home if you can. Otherwise, go for a trial class at Bharat Thakur and get a feel of it, before making the final judgement.

  6. Sona Sharma

    Yes bharat thakur yoga is awesome. Ive benefitted frm jst 3 months of practise. Bt sadly they keep changing the trainers wch is extremely disappointing. My instructor were dr shekinah n shreyas mitra.thy r both sadly thyve changed my trainers n so im going to leave :’(

    • Yes, Sona, that’s a problem with Bharat Tahkur – frequent change of instructors. I suggest you can try home instructor – it might help.

      Thanks for commenting here, anyway :)