The Legend of Dada

Like Kumble, Ganguly was also a part of my growing years. I still vaguely and excitedly remember watching him taking off his helmet when he reached his century at Lord’s. In those times, when cable TV was

The Spinner Who did Not Turn the Ball…But Many Matches he did

He conquers who endures.  ~Persius Since there was no contribution from anyone else today, I thought I would write briefly on the book that I am reading right now – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. But I guess

The Death of Tests

I was sitting with two associates/friends of mine last evening in a restaurant and having a sip or two, and of course discussing many issues and strategies. Behind one of the friend, on a semi-giant TV screen,

The Sporting Sunday

I had wished for a better Sunday. Not a day when I would see India and Federer lose their respective matches. Once Sri Lanka scored 270-odd I had sensed that India would lose this match, because of

The Ecstasy, The Agony and The Excitement

Phew! Quite a final it was. What more can you ask for than a last ball finish to a hugely-successfully tournament. The underdogs Rajasthan Royals scored an emphatic and well-deserved win over the Chennai Super Kings in

Shoaib Akhtar Makes a Sparkling Start to the Indian Premier League

Whoa! We were waiting for this for a long time. Shoaib Akhtar, whose ban has been suspended for a month by the Pakistan Cricket Board, uprooted the top order of Delhi Daredevils through an extraordinary display of

Indian Premier League Round up

Finally, yes finally Dravid did the sane thing of playing Craig White and Misbah ul Haq together, but sadly both of them disappointed when given chances to stamp their presence in the Indian Premier Leage 2008. Anyhow,

The Biggest Losers at the Indian Premier League

After the ecstasy, comes the downfall. To put it straight, the Deccan Chargers have disappointed me again. I was over the moon a few days back when the Deccan Chargers defeated the Chennai Super Kings and Shahid

Deccan Chargers Disappoint Again…King’s XI conquer greater heights

I just cannot understand what’s wrong with the Deccan Chargers. Shahid Afridi in particular has made me angry. I expected him to do a lot better. Even Praveen Kumar has scored more runs than him now. Had

A Daredevil called Virender Sehwag…and the Indian Premier League controversies

It has been quite some time since I expressed my thoughts on the Indian Premier League. Well, nothing important has happened since then, except that all the Aussies have flown back home, except the retirees and the