Questions galore when you are looking to outsource content writing/copywriting. Below we have listed some of the commonly-asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

  • What kind of business does Content Mantra do?
    In simple terms, Content Mantra is a company providing content writing services for the web and other offline marketing collaterals. We do so with the sole objective of “communicating your business” across to your target segment, which can be students, end consumers, business owners or anyone. As a company that understands the ever-changing market dynamics, we also conceive marketing ideas and devise effective strategies.
  • What industries does Content Mantra cater to?
    We have catered effectively to companies across many industry verticals including IT, travel, media, export, finance, web and healthcare. We have a diverse team with expertise in various subjects and topics. We also hire SMEs for specific tasks in case a project requires help of experts.
  • How do you charge?
    We charge on the basis of scope and complexity of any project. Depending on your requirement, your project cost may range from 500 USDs to 5000 USDs. The ideal way of knowing estimate for your task would be to send us the precise requirement and request for proposal . . .
  • What is the turnaround time for a project?
    We generally offer very quick turnaround time, as we have years of experience in creating content – for over 50 websites and many marketing collaterals. Moreover, we also have an expert in-house team and dedicate project managers to supervise each requirement. We are quick with delivery and implementing changes.
  • Do you help mapping marketing strategies?
    Yes, of course. Our job is to help you communicate your business/products/services in the best possible manner. Our objective is to help you generate more leads and enhance visibility of your business. If your aim is to brand your business, then we create the most effective strategies for you – through web, print or multimedia.
  • Do you also provide regularly content to websites?
    Absolutely. If you have a portal/website/marketing collateral that requires continuous content update, then you can leave that all on us. We can provide you daily/weekly/monthly content update on a regular basis through research and writing services.
  • Do you write content for blogs?
    Yes. Blogs are a wonderful means of communicating your message and also an effective way of optimizing your presence on the web. We can create a blog for you and feed it with regular content articles.
  • Do you have global customers?
    We have customers from all over the world. Since its inception, Content Mantra has had its customers from the US, UK, Australia, the Middle East and parts of English-speaking Europe.
  • Do you also do site-mapping?
    Yes, our job is to provide you with end to end content services, which certainly includes creating sitemap for your website. Based on your business, your requirements and what you want to portray to your prospective customers, we create a website map for you. The site map is developed after detailed comparative analysis and gauging your requirements.
  • I am looking for someone to create a website strategy for me that helps me create a search engine friendly website and also helps in search engine optimization. Can you do that?
    Yes, certainly. We understand SEO and search engine behavior very well. We can come up with a strategy to help your business grow on the web, with effective search engine friendly content writing and website site structuring.
  • How do you accept payments?
    Our preferable mode of payment is wire transfer. Else, payment can be done via other channels like Western Union or
  • What is typically the process if we want to hire your services?
    To begin with, we would like to know the requirements and scope of work, which can be also be defined by a joint effort (in case of a website, this would mean knowing/devising the site map). Thereafter, we send you a proposal for the assignment.