Is Keyword Dead? Is Keyword Density Important?

There was a time when keyword stuffing worked, when people realized the number of times a keyword had to be repeated to increase its chances of being ranked on Google. But over the years, search engine algorithms have evolved exponentially. In fact, now you need content writing services that can do the SEO, write PR, create generic content or provide content with more information and use to the audience. Now, if you stuff the keywords too many number of times, your site could be penalized for using this tactic. So, how do keywords fit into web content now?

Do they matter?

A lot of content writing services in India are asked, ‘Is Keyword Dead?’ Well, you can rejoice in the fact that they haven’t. However, there have been certain and several changes. For instance, specific keywords now play more important role. And with the popularity of the mobile web usage, Google now focuses on long-tail keywords. So, while keywords matter, they are a lot more useful when there’s meaning and intent behind those keywords.

Any good content writing company will tell you that this is the semantic search that’s playing for the search engines. So, basically Google and other websites are now better at understanding the intent behind a search query. So, even if you are looking for ‘restaurants,’ it will find you restaurants that are closer to you. Therefore, local SEO should be a part of your strategy.

Is Keyword Density important?

We have already told you that stuffing too many keywords in your content and abusing them can actually lead Google to penalize you. Now, you wouldn’t want that. So, while there’s no optimal keyword density that you should be targeting, you shouldn’t be desperate enough to add more and more keywords to the content. A specific keyword should be used no more than 10 times for a 1300 word content. Of course, it should ideally follow the content and must not look added or stuffed. That’s what a good SEO content writing services company will help you with.

Word count of the content is very important when it comes to ranking. Content that naturally contains relevant keywords with a good word content and informative content will certainly be ranked higher with others. Marketers and SEO experts will also tell you that relevant and proof terms, like related words with your keywords will help you gain more prominence on search engines.

How should you use the keywords?

Work with your content writing services to find the right placement for your keywords. For instance, primary keywords in title tags, header and URL work well. Then, incorporate number of relating keywords. Focus on creating longer content for higher rankings as well. Lastly, do keyword research before embarking on the content quest.

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