How to Design a Relevant Content Marketing Strategy for 2016?

When it comes to digital marketing, content writing is the king! B2C websites use content marketing and writing to draw new audiences, but in 2016, there seems to be a realization that simply writing an article or a blog-post might not be an effective strategy. Gone are the days when you could write just about anything and gain an audience. Gone are the days when a single tweet about a coupon or a chat about the product could get you more followers. With the customers getting savvier in 2016, you need a content writing company that has relevant, upbeat, and innovative and attention grabbing content marketing strategies. After all, you don’t want content fatigue when you are building a product.

Here is how you can design a relevant content marketing strategy for 2016.

Get Content Writing Services in India

Whether you have an Indian or an international brand, you should consider getting services for content via Indian companies. Why? Because Indian writers tend to have strong command on the language. And in this digital age, content marketers from India are savvier, more intelligent and have a better grasp of the recent trends in the market. So, hire a content writing company from India, discuss your issues and document your strategies. The documentation of the strategy should focus on developing a core outline for content writing and actionable steps to market it.

Develop a Persona

Audience wants a persona that they can relate to. So, simply posting an article about the benefits of your product won’t help. However, a blog-post written by someone who audience perceives as approachable and similar to them will help you develop the brand. For instance, you have a cosmetics’ company and your audience is mainly young girls and teens. So, your blog-posts could develop a persona of a young girl who’s exploring cosmetics and makeup industry and uses different products to achieve a certain look. That will get you more marketing benefits.

Think Faster (and Better)

Hiring content writing services India just isn’t enough. You have to involve yourself with the company and focus on getting the writers who can think on their feet. The big, epic content is the key to get more audience and you also have to think about optimizing the written content for a website. Ensure that you get a company that can think faster and better when it comes to designing, implementation and rethinking the strategies.

Lastly, your strategy should focus on incorporating user experience. You need to understand how your website works on the website, how long the content takes to load and whether or not it looks too boring on the mobile. Your content writers should be creating content with Call-To-Action strategies involved in it so that the customers purchase a product.

So, use these ideas to make content the king in 2016.

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