A Guide to Social Media Practices that Boost SEO

Congratulations on hiring content writing services. But your work doesn’t end there. Collaborate with your writing company to boost the SEO and gain social media attention.

There isn’t a doubt about the fact that Social Media Marketing and SEO work hand in hand. They are exceptionally important for building a mass identity and brand value in the market. But most often, companies only hire content writing services in India for getting web-content. And then, they fail to attract visitors to your site. Now, this isn’t because of the content writing company, rather it’s the wrong strategy. If you don’t integrate social media practices to your website, you wouldn’t get the results.

Social media can influence your rankings on search engine. So, it is obvious that you should be using certain social media practices to boost SEO. Here are the practices that you can use-


Natural followers (and not bots) is one of the best ways to have significant influence on your rankings. Content writing services can design content that you can share on social networking sites and gain followers. After all, a Facebook page with say a 1000 likes may not receive the same treatment from search engines as a page with millions or tens of thousands of followers. Understand that growing followers is a slow process and that you have to be extremely consistent with your content sharing strategies.

External Linking

This is where a good content writing company in India comes to picture. Social media is a great way to link external sites to your content. Diverse external links can get you more coverage from search engines. High quality content is essential for this purpose as that will drive people to your external links and help you raise your popularity on social media as well.

Optimizing Posts

Make sure that your posts are optimized for search engines before they are shared on social media. This will further boost your rankings and attract larger audience to your website. Find the right kind of content writing company for this purpose, otherwise all the content writing will go in vain.

Stronger Content

High quality content is essential. You also need to complement with images, videos, infographics or other things. The content should be fully-detailed to serve as the foundation for your requirements. Throw in seasonal keywords to the mix and you will have a larger audience.

Social Sharing

Appeal directly to your users. Request them to share content. The content that gets shared from content writing companies will attract search engines more often. It will also increase your authority over the topic.

Last but not the least, make sure that your posts are locally-optimized and blogs are posted quite often. This can help in increasing the conversion rate and ensure that you land on top posts on others’ feeds more often.

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